Having used countless expensive spot treatments, wasting money and still being unhappy with the results, finding your advice was so uplifting and informative! I've noticed a huge difference in my skin AND my wellbeing within a week. Thank you ever so much Amy!

Olivia B.

London, UK

Thank you to Amy, who without her knowledge, I would never have been on the road to healthy skin! I suffered with acne since my early teens (I'm 47) I read Amy's blog & booked an online consultation. Amy gave me a plan to follow which I've been following faithfully since & praise to God, have never looked back. I still get the odd spot but nothing compared to what I had before. I will be recommending anyone I know that suffers with acne to her site. 

Karen H.

London, UK

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What can I say I just think Amy is fab! Within the space of 4 months I have not only come so far but learnt SOOO much about my health, what my body needs, what it likes, and what it is struggling with. I had been following Amy’s Instagram and blog posts for a while before I booked in for a consultation and I’m so glad I did. With her help and guidance I’m more confident about how to nourish my body with the right foods, what products my skin loves and what supplements my body and skin are crying out for. Im so much more in tune with my own body and it’s so empowering to feel like I can gain back a bit of control over my skin again. If you are overwhelmed at the amount of info out there on breakouts and acne I highly recommend having a consultation with Amy you will learn so much and she will point you in the right direction. 

Kate, R.

Portadown, N.Ireland

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I had acne for more than 12 years. I tried everything - pills, antibiotics, creams, tonics but nothing worked long term. It finally changed when I found Amy´s blog and her advice. I changed everything and I am so happy for that! Dairy and gluten were my main trigers, and also huge stress and perfectionism. So I meditated, did yoga, prepared healthy meals and be more in nature. Self love and healthy lifestyle changed my life. Thank you!

Petra, K.

Czech Republic

I can't believe you gave me so much information for £40! Thank you so much, I'm really excited and feel like I can finally sort out my acne!

Annabel, G.

United Kingdom

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